We fantasise about the artist, but nobody achieved anything worthwhile alone. Great art isn’t created in a vacuum. Creativity is always a collaboration, the result of a mind connected to other minds.

STUDIO BLACK isn’t one brain or six, it’s an ever-changing collective of producers, singers and visual artists. We come from the neighbourhoods of South London, a place where community spirit is still life, not a buzzword.

We make futuristic pop from a make-believe dimension, separate and apart from the demands and responsibilities of the real world. Who makes our music? What do they look like? How do they talk? It doesn’t matter, what matters is the art. Do you like it? Do you feel it? Does it make some part of you move, bop or shiver?

Anonymity might be our mask, but we all wear masks. The masks of our digital selves; the masks we wear around friends, around strangers, around enemies. Concealment lets us express ourselves.

Our music doesn’t need stylised and retouched press shots, it doesn’t need an ego or an acceptance speech on an awards show. If our art is good enough, that should be sufficient.

The lone genius is a myth. True power resides in the collective.